How do you offer custom – made education?

Custom – made education is a theme which is becoming increasingly important, as also reported by the Dutch “Kennisnet”. The established planning methods and learning materials are being released. More and more teachers are working with learning goals as a framework for the learning program.

By focusing on learning goals, teachers are creating a solid base to offer more custom – made education and use flexible (digital) learning materials. In the beginning this is a quest that costs time and energy, but gradually the benefits of “Learning goal oriented education” are clearly in sight.


sCoolSuite makes learning goal – oriented education possible.

sCoolSuite helps schools, with the ambition to work towards custom – made education, organize practically. The curriculum for the whole school year is broken down into explicit learning goals. A moment is assigned to each learning goal; In what grade/ at what level and in which period of a school year, do we offer this learning goal?

By assigning these specifications to the learning goals, they can be linked to all the students of the school. Every one of them is classified by a certain grade or level. By combining the school period, the Personal Learning Goals Plan provides insight into which learning goals are offered to each student per period. This creates a review of what times of the year the students need this offer and how schools can facilitate.

With the help of sCoolTools, learning goal – oriented education can be organized and executed in a simple and insightful way in schools. Not only the teachers keep the review, but parents and students themselves can look at the learning process.

Practical experience.

Teachers indicate that they are more conscious of what learning goals they offer and they dare to use the methods. The differentiating and personalization of offerings has been made insightful and clear, which gives you the space for example, to combine learning goals of different subjects.

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