Having an overview is vital!

All over the world, I see many schools that are working on educational reform/innovation.

In order to properly embed this reform/innovation in school, usually after some time, they notice that something in the organizational model of the school also needs to change. After all, if you do what you did, you get what you got.

That is why many schools are (consciously or unconsciously) looking for a different organizational model for their school in order to implement this reform/innovation properly.

What strikes me about the schools I talk to is that they usually do not know what they are actually looking for: 21st Century Skills? Personalized Learning? Level-transcending? Or something else? When I question them a bit further, I notice that they do not know how to answer questions like “How are you currently organizing education?” and “What do you want to change about that?”

If you want to change, you need to know exactly what you want to change, why you want to change it, and what the desired outcome should/could be. In order to really see what you are doing and how you can change that, the latest version of sCoolTools™ is a perfect tool.

sCoolTools™ gives you insight into the learning goal level of students without being dependent on things like method tests. sCoolTools™ converts the curriculum of the school into Personal Learning Goal Plans and gives you an overview of the learning goals you organize and students have not yet achieved.

In a future blog, I will explain the steps sCoolTools™ follows to make this possible, thus taking work out of your hands and creating a personal schedule for each student.

“sCoolTools gives us insight into the progress of each student, which allows us to organize our education in a more learning goals oriented way, and to maintain a simple overview.”

Dirk-Jan de Graaff, teacher at Basisschool de Grondtoon in Bunschoten

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