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The world of education is going through a major transition at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Teachers, pupils, and parents alike envision the need and opportunity for reinventing our approaches to education.

sCoolSuite- primary secondary and special education
This is true for primary and secondary education, where there is a – long respected -practice of collective group teaching. All over the world new concepts and approaches are being developed and tested. But the acceptance of these innovations is slow at best and in many instances faces fierce obstruction of active players in the sector who fear that values they hold dear will gest lost in the process.

sCoolSuite offers an approach that combines the best of both worlds. It enables totally new ways for planning, organizing and administering fundamentally new approaches, while at the same time offering the directly responsible players and their partners – teacher, school boards and parents – the freedom to design their own path to innovation and the pace at which this path is pursued.

The following summarizes the ultimate objectives of education, the current obstacles to fundamental change and the solutions offered by sCoolSuite technology.

Ultimate Objectives

The ultimate objectives of education, that are shared and pursued by virtually all well-meaning participants in the educational process, are:

  • To develop the pupil’s individual interests and talents
  • To prepare the pupil for an active and constructive participation in society at large
  • To prepare the pupil for meaningful employment in line with his talents and interests

There is very little disagreement around these honorable objectives, but there is enormous amount of counterproductive discussion about how to realize these objectives and major obstacles for those who aspire to change practices in pursuit of these inspiring objectives.

Aangeven hoe de doelen behaald moeten worden

Major Obstacles

To make the change from an existing educational concept and approach to one that is better in simultaneously realizing the above objectives calls for an almost superhuman effort in bringing all the necessary parties along constructively.

The obstacles are manifold. To list just a few:

  • The room for experimentation is severely limited given the scarcity of human and financial resources
  • A major portion of the teacher’s time is wasted on administration
  • The room for managing different curricula for different pupils in line with their talents and interests is extremely limited
  • Efficiency in using the teacher’s time forces the teaching process primarily to be conducted in large groups
  • Pupils rarely sense a personal responsibility for taking charge of their own development

Many more obstacles – either cause or results of the above and other – can be mentioned, but the afore going already illustrates the enormity of the task facing teachers and school boards


sCoolTools™ as a solution

sCoolTools™ is an information technology system consisting of a number of components, with which sCoolSuite provides actors in education with the tools they need to realize a gradual transition at a pace they determine themselves. To move from the existing concepts and approach to a new structure in the curriculum, organization, planning and implementation of education. With the ultimate goal of realizing the three ambitions mentioned above.


sCoolTools consists of a family of software programs that allows for:

  • Explicit review of teaching objectives that are futureproof and appropriate for the individual pupil
  • Clear definition of all components of teaching objectives by topic and sequence
  • Intensive use of the best didactic material available globally
  • Dramatic reduction in time spent by teachers on administration
  • Personalization of the curriculum for pupils
  • Freedom for pupils to learn at their own pace
  • Inspiration of pupils to take charge of their own development
  • Intensive and regular interaction between teachers, pupils and parents

Klassikaal of werken met leerpleinen







The net result of this all is that:

  • Teacher’s time is leveraged and focused on adding true value, like they all aspire to
  • Pupils start enjoying the learning process and become eager to take responsibility for it
  • Parents get more involved while becoming less of a nuisance, as now is sometimes the case

If the promise of sCoolSuite and the possibilities of sCoolTools™ appeal to you, then please contact us. We can give you complete insight into what it could mean for your school.

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