From method oriented to learning goals oriented education

This summer, I decided to start working for sCoolSuite instead of teaching a class again. A difficult decision, considering the shortage of teachers. But I do feel it is sometimes good to distance yourself from something. Now I have the opportunity to look at education from a different perspective. In my previous blog, I talked about how the increasing degree of digitization in education and the speed with which students can develop themselves personally are causing the difference in level between students to grow rapidly.

I notice that following a method can sometimes be very limiting, both for me as a teacher and for students. Working based on learning goals would be a better fit for the education of today. But how do you organize that?

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From the annual learning material grade system to learning goal oriented education

Over the past 10 years I have taught in traditional elementary schools in Emmen. I was a teacher and ICT expert here. Or how they like to call it today: i-coach. I have seen a lot of change within the schools in these last 10 years. From textbook, notebook and blackboard to digiboard with newest digiboard software and iPads for students. I have also seen a lot of different educational concepts and changes in these years.

Think of: the IGDI or EDI-model, convergent/ divergent differentiation, development perspective, action – oriented work, cooperative methods, income – oriented work, suitable education, civic education, media literacy, multiple intelligences, positive behavior support (PBS), 21stcentury skills, executive functions, computational thinking, digital literacy, personalized learning. And I still haven’t mentioned all concepts. We have been occupied with all of it.


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How do you offer custom – made education?

Custom – made education is a theme which is becoming increasingly important, as also reported by the Dutch “Kennisnet”. The established planning methods and learning materials are being released. More and more teachers are working with learning goals as a framework for the learning program.

By focusing on learning goals, teachers are creating a solid base to offer more custom – made education and use flexible (digital) learning materials. In the beginning this is a quest that costs time and energy, but gradually the benefits of “Learning goal oriented education” are clearly in sight.

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Having an overview is vital!

All over the world, I see many schools that are working on educational reform/innovation.

In order to properly embed this reform/innovation in school, usually after some time, they notice that something in the organizational model of the school also needs to change. After all, if you do what you did, you get what you got.

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sCoolSuite’s Promise

The world of education is going through a major transition at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Teachers, pupils, and parents alike envision the need and opportunity for reinventing our approaches to education.

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